Dealzmodo: Konami Arcade Cabinet

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We've told you about something similar to the 12-in-1 Konami arcade cabinet before, but this is Konami's first appearance on Giz. Featuring (you guessed it) 12 classic Konami games—Frogger, Green Beret, Blades of Steel, Contra, Gyruss, Castlevania, Hyper Sports, Time Pilot '84, Shao-Lins Road, Jungler, Scramble and Super Basketball—its slightly smaller stature will make for snugger play, and its 15" screen will be smaller than many classic machines you are used to. But for a reduced price, it would make a fantastic gift under the tree...


For a limited time you can pick up the Konami arcade cabinet for a sweet $320. From Linens 'n Things, enter "NOV2907" at checkout and save 20% on the system that often runs $400 and up...if you can still find one around. Either the cabinets have been a hot commodity or they're being discontinued. Either way, we think that the machine looks a lot more tempting for around $300 than it did at $400. [linensnthings via bargainjack]

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Doesn't look as though the codes are stackable. I entered the first and got the $80 off and then entered the second only to see the one $80 discount replaced with a different $80 discount. *sigh*