Dealzmodo: Refurbed 4GB Dell Inspiron Mini 9 $177

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Feel like sub-$200 is the magical price for a netbook? With a coupon code, you can pick up a refurbished Dell Inspiron Mini 9 (with the same one-year warranty as new goods) for $177. UPDATED.


Update: It might look like they're out already of the absolute cheapest models, but just keep refreshing, they're adding more constantly.

Dell's outlet site is a pain in the peen to get around, so here's the direct link to the Inspiron Mini 9 shopping page. And even it's a flustercuck.

You're basically trolling through their inventory until you find the one you want, which the $209 model with 4GB of storage and Ubuntu. The first time I picked one and added to cart, some dude apparently grabbed it before me, so I'd check two or three to add to your cart, then just delete the extraneous ones. Then just add the coupon code $C$TXXP1CT3BLC which will knock the price down to $177 for up to two notebooks in your cart.

Even if you don't want the Ubuntu Mini 9, you can still pick up one of the Windows versions for pretty damn cheap. [Dell Outlet via Cnet via CrunchGear]


Todd Bernhard

Anyone want mine, when it comes back from Dell?

Seriously, I got one Dec 6th, and hate the escape key placement. Whenever I want to type a 1 or !, I hit it, erasing my email.

Then, the 16GB SSD hard drive went on me. That was the whole reason for getting SSD, for reliability.

So I spoke to someone in India a few times. Turns out my laptop was 'red flagged' as in belonged to someone else. They never re-registered it to me, after the refurbishment, so I couldn't get support. Finally took care of that. They said they'd send a replacement SSD, along with a box to return the laptop in case I couldn't repair it. A couple days later, one big box arrives with nothing in it but a FedEx label. So I presume miscommunication from India and send the laptop back. Next day, the SSD arrives. So I sent that back today.

Bottom line, if and when it comes back, if someone wants it, let me know. It had good specs. 16GB SSD, Bluetooth, 1GB RAM (I upgraded to 2GB, but downgraded to send it back).

I agree with Putin... I'm done with Dell. Get mine real cheap.