Decoding TV Sizes

We had a little kerfuffle over at this post about Norcent regarding screen size and the massive mark-up on the 42-inch vs. the 50-inch model. Reader James was kind enough to explain this mark-up in plain English:

Hey I thought you might enjoy telling people before they jump on you about why would anyone pay $1000.00 more for a TV that is 50 inches instead of 42. Well on the surface it looks like the 50 inch TV is only about 30% larger. Well that is not really the case as the 50 inch TV is actually 41.7% larger if they are both in a 16:9 platform for HDTV. Most people do not understand that in a standard platform 4:3 TV that a 46" TV has more than twice the veiwing area of a 32 inch. On the surface it looks like the differance is a 50% increase because most people only calculate the differance in the "daigonal number" but this is not true. Want to send some of these dummies wonderful readers to an area that lets them calculate the exact viewing area they are looking at while watching TV, then send them to this link to look at the calcuations. When looking at expensive LCD screens and Plasma's, the "area" you are watching is very critical to price and its not as easy as increasing a tube size as could be done in the past.


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