Dedicated Artist Films Himself Repainting This Clock Every Minute For 12 Hours Straight

Hanging over one of the lounges at Amsterdam’s Schipol airport is an unusual clock that instead of moving hands, features the work of artist Maarten Haas. For 12 straight hours the artist filmed himself painting and repainting the clock’s hour and minute hands, in real-time, minute by minute, so that it accurately displayed the time.


The clock is as much a performance piece as it is a work of art, and travelers passing through Schipol can’t be sure if it’s a video or someone actually re-painting the time all day because it’s built to be life-size and even has a ladder leading up to it from the ground.


The piece is also a subtle tribute to not only the maintenance workers who keep the airport running all day long, but also Dutch artist Piet Mondriaan and architect Gerrit Rietveld as Maarten wears blue overalls and uses a yellow rag with a red bucket, reminiscent of their own artistic creations.

[Vimeo via designboom]

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