Before the Food Network, it was Julia Child's cooking show that encouraged America to ditch their TV dinners and get back to experimenting in the kitchen. And it worked, although it encouraged inventors to come up with a glut of overly-specialized food prep tools that promise to make life in the kitchen a lot easier.


Such as the Pepper Prepper, a plastic implement designed to make decapitating and cleaning peppers just slightly easier than with a sharp paring knife. One end features a spinning blade for making a precision hole in the top, while the other sports a scraping tool designed to easily rid the innards of its bitter pith. But as some Amazon commenters have pointed out, the $8 tool only really works with larger peppers, and even then it's only the scraping tool that seems to shine. But if easier prep puts delicious stuffed peppers and chile relleno on the menu every night, how could one every complain?

[Amazon via 7Gadgets]

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