Deja Vu: Apple Sues Someone Because Their Logo Looks Like Fruit

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As part of a legal maneuver worthy of Monster Cable, Apple has set its lawyers on Australia's largest supermarket chain because their new logo is (they say) a tad too similar to their own.


Exhibit A, Woolworths newly redesigned logo, is on the left. Apple's iconic apple logo is on the right. Not that similar at all, but the real issue, at least with Apple, is probably that Woolworths might expand its retail business into electronics and somehow threaten that lucrative iPod business.

"While we can't rule [computers, musical players, or other devices] out, we haven't got any plans at the moment," said a Woolworths spokesman in a statement to AppleInsider.

To Apple's credit, they've moved up from suing school systems to supermarket megachains. Bigger fish, and all that. [AppleInsider]


There are a few hundred objects that should not be trademarkable because they are so ubiquitous. Simple shapes (like squares, triangles, circles), basic colors (including T-Mobile's magenta), common implements and materials (like shovels or water), common animals and plants, etc. Basically, anything that could appear in a children's ABC. The fact that a corporation can trademark one of the most common objects in western civilization should be seen as one of the pathetic failures of that civilization.