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Delegate Emails in Gmail Accounts To Those Less Busy Than You

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Hapless secretaries and interns, get worried—a lot more work is headed your way. Google's just added email delegation functionality to the service, which allows other Gmail account-holders to access your email—but only the ones you invite.

Mail can be sent on behalf of the account, not to mentioned viewed and organized, but you must first name the Gmail address who you'd like to give access to. If your secretary is viewing your account but wishes to stay logged-in to theirs, they can have two different accounts open simultaneously, in separate tabs. If the secretary sends an email from within your email account, the message will be sent from her account, on behalf of your email address.


Google's also changed the way deleted contacts are kept in Gmail. Ex boyfriends and girlfriends who've been deleted from Gmail can now be restored if the relationship flames have been rekindled—but only within 30 days of deleting their address. Going to the Contacts section within your account, then "restore contacts" under the "more actions" menu brings them right back into your life. [Gmail Blog and Google Blog via Lifehacker]