Delete Your Ex From The Internet

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Breaking up is hard to do, especially in the age of the internet. How can you really avoid her when there's Facebook, Twitter and all the rest of it? With the new Ex-Blocker plugin, that's how.


The Ex-Blocker is a plugin for Firefox and Chrome that literally filters your ex out of the internet for you. Simply feed it their first and last names, their Twitter username, their Facebook profile info and their blog URL, and it takes care of the rest. Sure, photos can slip through the cracks, I'm sure. And you'll have to set up an email filter yourself if you want to cut off contact completely.

But this might just stop you from seeing that picture of the one person who used to love you that would remind you that your time with them was the best days of your life that you will never, ever get back because you are stupid and selfish and fucked up badly in a way that is completely irreparable. And that would be, like, a total downer. [Ex-Blocker via]

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DISCUSSION know....act like a mature adult and just move on with your life.

Living well really IS the best revenge. That and good hair.