Delkin DVD Burnaway: Flash Memory, Burned Direct to DVD

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We remember the Delkin BurnAway for CDs, and now the company has released an equally-overpriced DVD version, the DVD BurnAway that lets you offload your flash memory cards onto a DVD without needing a PC.

It reads a variety of flash memory cards, such as CompactFlash (I&II), Microdrive, SD, MMC, SmartMedia, Memory Stick, MS PRO, and xD (with adapter), and burns all that data onto a DVD, and you can even span data over multiple DVDs if necessary. Hook it up to a TV or projector with an S-Video or RCA cable, and you can play slides directly from the BurnAway.


If you can cope with that steep $370 price, it's actually a versatile little device that can also double as a DVD burner when plugged into your PC via USB 2.0. We have a similar unit sitting on our desk here, and it's actually quite convenient having a combination card reader/DVD burner close at hand.

Product Page [Delkin, via OhGizmo]