Dell 2407WFP Ships in Japan, in US Soon?

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All signs point toward impending availability of Dell's 2407WFP 24-inch LCD display in the US and elsewhere, since the company shipped the unit in Japan this week. The big 1920x1200 display has a 1000:1 contrast ratio like its predecessor but speeds up its response time to 6 ms and adds HDCP. It also has a nice, thin bezel and swank-looking base, too. Should run about $1300.

This opens up some possibilities here at home, though, where you can now pick up Dell's 24-inch 2405FPW LCD, the older model with similar specs, for $799.20 at Dell's website. It was $999 before. We're staring at one right now, and we're here to tell you, this monitor is going to be hard to beat, especially at that price.


Word on the street also has it that Dell will release a 27-inch flat panel with specs that are similar to its enormous 30-inch unit, at prices that will be much lower than the $2199 tariff for that 30-inch monster.

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