Dell Demonstrates the Mini 10v Running Android Cupcake

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Warning: Dell has not announced that their 10-inch, $299 Mini 10v netbook will be optionally loaded with Google's smartphone environment Android (Cupcake). But that hasn't stopped Dell from demonstrating it working.

In this clip, Doug Anson, a Dell Technology Strategist, teases us with a stagnant Android desktop before calling Cupcake a "small and snappy little operating environment." And that's it. I guess the point we're supposed to glean from this video is that Dell will be happy to take the credit for modding their own systems with the latest hyped software instead of handing all that publicity to some no-name on YouTube.

Oh, and they're also clearly considering Android as a viable netbook platform (which should come as no surprise, really). [Dell via Pocket-Lint]