Dell E (aka Mini-Inspiron) Specs Uncovered, Actually Called Inspiron Mini?

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Zumo thinks they got a peak at the specs for Dell's first cheap mini-laptop on a recent trip to Dell's Texas facilities. They say that it'll be called the Inspiron Mini, contrary to previous reports it'll it's the Dell E. What's supposedly inside sounds reasonable, and what you'd expect out of a suitable Eee killer, especially if it's really only $299.

Zumo says it's got a 1.6GHz Intel Atom processor, 1GB RAM, Intel's 945 Express Graphics chipset, an 8GB SSD, Wi-Fi and a memory card reader, with a 1240x600 resolution screen (that looks a bit off—1024x600 seems more likely). Reportedly, mass production of a Linux model with extra Dell productivity apps starts next month (in time for back to school). It all seems reasonable enough (and a steal for $299 if true), though I wouldn't consider this dipped-in-blood solid, yet. [Zumo]

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Creole Trash Panda

@urbanturban666: yes I totally agree

But I am severely torn here. The MSI Wind has been calling me like Alicia Keys' butt in tight jeans*. It has all the right specs but is almost becoming unicorn like in its ability to find one. Then there is the ECS G10iL, that baby had my name written all over it, but once again..Unicorns. Now this Dell E/Inspiron Mini has me with baited breathe, but I also fear that it will become a unicorn as well.

*See 2008 BET Awards for sample.