Dell Inspiron 11z Hits for $399, Explains Disappearance of Inspiron Mini 12

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Like we predicted, Dell is joining the Intel CULV brigade today with its Inspiron 11Z. The inch thin notebook isn't part of the Inspiron netbook family, but is clearly what Dell planned to take the place of the Mini 12.


The 3-pound Inspiron 11z has a 1366x768 resolution 11.6-inch display and has the same design genes as the Inspiron Mini 10. Yep, with the same frustrating touchpad with the integrated right and left mouse buttons.

But don't call the Inspiron 11z a netbook. There is no Intel Atom or Windows XP here. It has a ultra-low voltage Intel 1.2GHz Celeron processor and runs Windows Vista Home Premium (which you will probably want to upgrade to Windows 7 come October).The $399 version packs 2GB of RAM and a 250GB hard drive, but only has a three-cell battery (a six-cell battery isn't even a config option at the moment).


Grab the weapons, the war between the netbooks and the ultra thin notebooks is about to heat up.

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