Dell Inspiron Z Sorta Thin, Sorta Lights

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Can't tell you much about the Inspiron Z series, either, except that like Studio Z, it's the "thin and light" take on Dell's budget Inspiron line using Intel ULV chips.


The 14z and 15z seem a lot like Acer's Timeline series, actually. The 11z, as you can tell by the way it's designed, looks more like a follow-up to Dell's Inspiron Mini netbooks, on the other hand. Gotta love that super-wide trackpad on it.


Just taking a guess based on what we have seen in this market segment. If it turns out to be an 11" notebook with a core 2 duo ULV CPU (1.6-1.8 GHz?) and Nvidia 9400m I think I might pick one up immediately.

Of course if it is a new Atom toting netbook I won't have much interest. It could be possible, if they want to replace the Mini 12 (I was always under the impression that it didn't sell too well).