Dell Leaving China In Search Of "Safer Environments" In India

Dell's said to be joining Google in fleeing China in search of a "safer environment with [a] climate conducive to enterprise," potentially taking the $25 billion it spends on equipment and parts in China to India.

The Indian Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh, was quoted in the Hindustan Times as saying he'd just met with Dell's chairman, who would like to move all of their set-up to a country "with security of legal system." They've currently got one factory in India already.


Chairman Michael Dell has previously stated that the "Indian operations are doing well...India is a great place to be in. It is growing faster than China for us." [Hindustan Times via Silicon India via Engadget]



If Dell ends up doing this I would like to support them by buying one of their products.

But then, what OS should I run on it? As it seems that Microsoft will be trying to take advantage of Google's moving out of China. And I want to not buy anything from Microsoft as a result.

I guess I could get a Dell monitor. Or maybe a Dell printer. Although the printers I've tried really sucked.

Or maybe the Dell Android tablet. I guess that would be the most appropriate item (supports Dell *and* Google in one move). But it has a 5-inch screen, which is really too small and too large at the same time.


So hard to do the right thing...