Dell to Release New MP3 Player with Zing Tech, Media Store, Says Rumor

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Remember Dell's DJ Ditty MP3 player? Probably not, since Dell shut its PMP shop a while back. But over at the Wall St Journal, there's a rumor that Dell is planning on re-entering the PMP market with a new device that's been under development and testing. The device, name unknown, has a screen and simple navigation controls and would "connect to online music services via a Wi-Fi internet connection." This would tie in with a new online media service, allowing downloading of music and movies which could also be played on PC. Key in this is software developed by Zing (which Dell bought last year) which would come installed on PCs and PMPs, and manage the media movements. There's mention of a potential fall launch, and costs for the PMP of less than $100. [WSJ. Subscription warning.]