Dell XPS One 27: A Massive, All-In-One Slab of Ivy Bridge

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Dell is reviving its XPS line of all-in-one computers with the XPS One 27, an 27-inch, Ivy Bridge-equipped number cruncher meant to go against the likes of the iMac and the HP Omni 27.


With features such as a 2560x1440 screen, Core i5 or i7 processor, 2 terabyte HDD, Infinity speakers, 4 gigabytes of RAM (expandable to 16) and the option for Blu-ray, NVIDIA GeForce 640M graphics, and additional 32 GB SSD, this is definitely a PC geared towards home entertainment consumption, but could probably also function just as well in a professional setting.

The XPS One's rounded edges, black facade, and silver base is nothing eye-popping, but the build quality is solid and doesn't need to be tucked out of sight. And of course it's still running Windows 7, so it remains to be seen just how nice it will play with Windows 8. But the XPS One 27 could fill a void for those who don't need a laptop at home anymore. Especially considering it starts at $1300. Dell says it will arrive in the US in the "coming weeks." [Dell]