Delphi Recalls Belkin Boombox, Sort Of

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So Delphi, being the prestigious company that they are, is fixing a problem that isn't completely their fault. The Delphi RoadyXT is an XM receiver that includes a dock connector on the bottom. Apparently this connector is pretty particular to how it is docked and if not done correctly, could easily be damaged. This is where Belkin comes in.

They have the Belkin Boombox, it is a portable boombox that includes a dock for the Delphi RoadyXT. Unfortunately, Belkin's design is not very dock friendly, resulting in damage to the RoadyXT if improper dockage occurs. So Delphi, rather than saying screw it, decided to do something about Belkin's problem and are providing free dock adapters to help the RoadyXT nuzzle into the dock connector correctly without causing any kind of dock damage. If you happen to be a victim of improper RoadyXT dockage, contact Delphi immediately and they should be able to hook you up.


Edit: I received word from a Belkin representative that Belkin is well aware of the problem with their Boomboxes and are also doing their part in resolving this issue. They are also offering free dock adapters to prevent damage to the Delphi RoadyXT adapter. You can also contact them through their website at So props to both Belkin and Delphi for handling the problem.

Delphi Providing Inserts for Belkin Boombox [Orbicast]

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