Delphi SkyFi3 Review, A Capable Ugly Duckling

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We've had our eye on the SkyFi3 for some time now and the folks over at CNET have put it through the ringer noting that other than the MicroSD expansion slot it carries, the SkyFi3 doesn't bring anything new to the market (especially not with its budget feel and monochrome display). You'll have to splurge an additional $49 dollars on a pair of "funky-looking" antenna headphones if you want Live XM capability and even then, the sound quality is "a tad compressed sounding." Overall, it's deemed a "nice audio companion for those who spend lots of time in their autos." If the Inno and Helix are outta your range, the $200 SkyFi3 might be what you were waiting for.


Delphi SkyFi3 [via CNET]

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