Dennis Hopper Would Have Used the iBike Rider

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Actually, he wouldn't have, but only because in the 60s you needed a thousand-mile cable to carry a telephone around. And because he's too cool for the iPhone. Still, the batmanesque iBike Rider looks great for bikers with iPhones.

You can get the basic iBike Rider, a weather-proof case that attaches to your arms with straps, and includes a space for an extra battery, for around $42. It's also available with a matching headset that attaches to the helmet for $85, and with the extra battery the whole thing will set you back $159. All plus shipping from la france. Like the page says: l'iPhone met les gaz! Oh really, well, je suis trop bourrée pour baiser! [iBike Rider]

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Broken Machine

Ummm, how well does the iPhone touch screen work under plastic, especially when operated with gloves? How useful is that thing if you can't control it?

I would love a nice full-featured docked remote for the iPhone/Touch with real buttons, especially ones labeled "menu" and "select".

This is nothing but a glorified armband and a motorcycle headset. Nothing to see here, move along.