Department of Duh: Microsoft Admits Zune Phone Not Unreasonable

The not-new-but-still-enjoyable video above is pegged to a fresh quote from a Microsoft exec, via Reuters: "It wouldn't be unreasonable to think at some point there might some integrated thing," Mindy Mount, chief financial officer of Microsoft's entertainment and devices division, told investors at Citigroup's global technology conference. That was in response to asking about "a mobile phone combined with features of its Zune digital music player."

Although the exact wording of the question could have been something along the lines of, "OK, suppose someone puts a cream pie to Bill Gates's face and says 'you can either make a Zunephone, or things are going to get messy again...'"


That stands in contrast this with Balmer's statements. You, reader, should realize that this is still not proof. For example, Windows without security popups would be "Not Unreasonable" but you don't see that anywhere, do you? Note to Microsoft: You guys are wimps if you don't step into the Apple arena with a Zune phone. Battlemodo! [Yahoo!]



OK, is it just me, or does it seem more and more that every technology company is trying to tap into the mobile phone business? I mean, Apple with the iPhone, Google with the Google phone (which, sounds like a good idea, but honestly, it seems like it will be a phone that gets google... just... like... my phone. Yay?), and now MS maybe jumping in with a cell phone. Whatever happened to companies that either solely made just phones or had a big mobile phone section of their company (i.e RIM, Motorola, Samsung, LG... to just name a few) It seems like everyone is getting all excited about these phones coming out from companies that have never released a phone in the companies' history, and forgetting the companies who actaually have some experience in the field from making them for so long...

My two cents.