Designer Jesse Dean has made a career out of modding out DJ equipment like turntables in all kinds of nerdy ways. His latest, though, might be the most profound geek mod he's ever done.

Dean will mod anything. Want your Native Instruments workstation loaded with Lego? You got it. Want your Technics turntable welded together with some other gear? He will do it. But what do we make of the "Pioneer Millennium Falcon?" My it's impressive.


What you're looking at here would be a beautifully crafted 3D model of the Millennium Falcon even before you realize that it's all be build around a Pioneer CDJ-2000 deck. It's amazing that Dean is able to build up Han Solo's ship around the gear in so much detail while retaining the full functionality of the CD DJ deck. As for moving this thing around—you might need to enlist the help of a wookiee. [Jesse Dean Designs]

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