Details of North American MGS4 PS3 Bundle Come to Light

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Get your wallets ready, fanboys: the details for the upcoming Metal Gear Solid 4 Limited Edition PS3 have been announced. What do you get for your $600? Well, first and foremost you get a gunmetal 40GB PS3 with a new Dualshock 3 controller. You get the limited edition version of the game as well, and you also get a Blu-ray with two hours of bonus content about the making of the game.


Personally, I'd be fine saving $100 and getting the standard edition bundle, as it has twice the hard drive space and all you have to give up is the fancy paintjob and Blu-ray disc you'll watch once, if ever. But hey, I'm not a fanboy, so what do I know? If you are a fanboy and are popping a tent just imaging having an OMG gray PS3, you'll be able to put in your preorder at starting on Monday, May 19th. [Playstation Blog]

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maybe if it was ACTUAL "GUN METAL", and if the PS3 had the hardware based Backwards Compatibility, and if I could get some fancy OTACON software {since the PS3 has a cell processor} to break the 4th wall.

seriously I thought they have just the one GUN METAL version selling at $500 with 80GB & Software Backwards Compatibility, so people new to the series could buy the $30 MGS1,2,3 game pack, this is just ripping off the fans, there are gentler ways of doing so {like a toy line}.