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Detroit's Airport Just Installed a $75,000 Indoor Dog Bathroom

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

If you thought there was nothing worse than flying with little kids, just think about the complications of traveling with a dog. Most dogs fly in crates, but service animals are allowed in terminals and plane cabins. And so that their owners don't have to navigate the maze of airport security for an outside break, Detroit's Metropolitan Airport has just installed a spiffy indoor dog bathroom.


In lieu of doored stalls or urinals, the bathroom features a pair of tiny grass yards. It's not the first in the country, but it does offer dogs their choice of real grass or artificial turf, with an accompanying tiny fake hydrant to make them feel more ease at relieving themselves indoors (something they've probably been trained not to do). And when they're done, a dog-friendly button activates pop-up sprinklers that wash their waste into the same sanitation system used by the airport's other bathrooms.


Located in Detroit Metro's McNamara Terminal which handles a large volume of connecting flights, the bathroom was a collaboration between the airport and Delta Airlines to help make certain passenger's travels a little easier. Because unfortunately you're still responsible for picking up and disposing of your pet's indiscretions. [Detroit Free Press via Huffington Post via Outside Online]

Photos by Huffington Post and Detroit Free Press