Developers Suspect the New Kindle Fires Will Be Hack-Resistant

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If you were banking on hacking a new Kindle Fire to take advantage of cheap hardware without Amazon's modded Android OS, you perhaps better think again. Developers over at XDA are speculating that they expect the new range of Fires to be too sophisticated to hack.

In particular, a forum post provides evidence which suggests that the new devices will come with more sophisticated protection, including locked bootloaders and "high security" features offered by Texas Instrument processors.

Of course, with Amazon really pushing its device-as-service concept hard, the news likely won't ruffle the majority of Fire-user feathers. But for those who were cheekily hoping to grab a Fire HD and mod it from the off, there may well be something to grumble about. [XDA via Engadget]

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Uh, "developers suspect the new Kindle Fires will be hack-resistant... for a while". This should have been the title. We know better guys... if Jeff Bezos really thinks he can be the first one to create an unhackable device, let's just count to 5 to see the disappointment in his face.