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Diamond-Coated Nokia N95 Costs $24,000 (Limit 10 Per Customer)

Illustration for article titled Diamond-Coated Nokia N95 Costs $24,000 (Limit 10 Per Customer)

Phew. After months of waiting, your diamond-encrusted Nokia N95 is finally ready. In fact, Alexander Amosu, ringtone mogul and maker of the oh-so-necessary golden iPod, has built 10 of these N95s, each with 325 diamonds covering its 18-karat white gold surface. You'll be glad to hear that when you pay the £12,000 sticker price, your phone also gets a year of "free" concierge service and a limited-edition number—you know, from 1 to 10. [Amosu]


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I actually got to see the N95 at work in a concept Nokia Mustang all hooked up with lots of N-Goodies. Check the pics out here: []