Amosu 24ct Golden iPod: Finally.

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iPod skins and laser etching are so bourgeois. If you are down with the Gizmodo, you know the only way we roll is in gold. That's why we are happy to present Amosu's new line of 24 carat gold (plated) iPods. Covered in hardened mirror gold, users can stare triumphantly at their beautiful, golden visage while rocking out to the new [fill in harp pop star of choice].


So how much will a golden iPod set you back?

30GB = $600

80GB = $800

Their Nanos don't seem to be listed.

I know what you are thinking—"that's way less than my golden sunglasses/yacht/pet cost me". The only downfall is that the face is not covered in the glorious godmetal, so onlookers from certain angles will think that you are just some middle class hobo. Just flash them your best gold-toothed smile and they'll know who's boss.

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I would get mine Rhodium plated. Most expensive metal in teh world at $6500 an ounce. Also contains most of the same properties as Platinum (durability, hardness, etc). So it may be expensive...but it would actually make your ipod a little more durable.