Diane Birch Lives In a Projector Screen—and Now In My Head Too

Diane Birch is very very very cute. She's also a lovely singer. Her song Valentino is chirpy and sweet, and her music video—with its ghetto augmented reality—is quite ingenious. Watch it. You'll like it. Then, watch the how-to:

The video looks deceivingly simple, but it was hell to choreograph and produce to perfection. It kind of reminds me of the spirit of OK Go's videos.


The song was featured in the movie Valentine's Day, and the movie was created by Dennis Liu—the guy who made the Again and Again music video, then went on to make some other videos for Microsoft. [Thanks Dennis]


So after five ish attempts I got the videos to play at the same time. It was pretty cool to watch them at the same time if anyone else is willing to go through the hassle of getting the videos to match up... ARGH! There's that youtube side by side video thing somewhere... Should have used that.