Did Apple Just Kill Rose Gold?

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It’s hard to stand out when you are one of millions of people with the same phone, but choosing the color of your iPhone can still afford you a semblance of originality. You’re not just like the other 700 million iPhone owners out there—maybe you’re just like 200 million of them?

But Apple has eliminated a few color choices for its new iPhone 8 and iPhone X devices. If you’re looking to upgrade to one of the next-generation models, you won’t find a device in rose gold or jet black.

To be frank, good riddance to the glossy black option, for all that glimmers also scratches. But for some people rose gold was the best thing that’s ever happened to tech. You can still get other Apple devices like the latest MacBooks, Apple Watches, and earlier iPhone models in the trendy shade of pink, but the new iPhone models Apple announced today are only available in sparing options. The iPhone 8 will be available in silver, gold and space gray, while the iPhone X will be available solely in silver and space gray.


The future of smartphones may be literally coming for your face, but Apple seems to be on the path of doing away with its more daring colors. There are still some rose gold smartphone options out there, like the Sony Xperia XZ1, but where Apple goes, the industry seems to follow. For now, this isn’t a good sign for the freshest hue of 2015. Anyways, you can always buy a phone case if you really invest that much self-worth in a tiny pocket computer.