Did Lionsgate Just Start A Terminator Bidding War?

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Earlier this week, everyone thought the Terminator rights were in the bag for Lionsgate, since no-one else wanted it. But now Sony, Warner, Summit and Legendary are rumored to be readying their own bids. Did Terminator get sexy again?

After Terminator Salvation, we all begrudgingly shoved our Terminator fan shirts in the back of the closest, shamed by the awfulness of that fourth film. We wondered if this was the end of the Terminator once and for all. But there's a glimmer of hope on the horizon: A new studio may be buying the rights and — we hope — finding a director who won't bend the plot willy nilly based on an actor's demands.


The LA Times is reporting that Lionsgate's interest in the Terminator franchise has increased other studios' interest in the Skynet world as well, because we all know Hollywood can't let anyone do anything without jumping on the bandwagon — cough cough... 3-D... cough.

In other Terminator news MTV is speculating that whoever buys the franchise will most likely reboot the entire thing. Which means a new T-800, although do they even make actors that big anymore? Last time we checked, they were casting Adrien Brody as the bad-ass monster-fighter in Predators.