Did The Next Batman Game Just Get Spoiled By Its Own Special Edition?

You know how it is with big video games these days, every one comes with it's own fancy 'collector's edition' filled with related paraphernalia. Batman: Arkham Knight is no exception - but it might be one of the few to potentially have a major plot point about it spoiled by said collectors edition.

Potential Spoilers ahead (A potential spoiler sounds just silly, but someone would complain if there was no Spoiler warning anyway, so yeah be warned and stuff!)...


Amazon recently uploaded a image of Arkham Knight's collector's edition, and it's full of the usual stuff you'd expect from such a thing: A copy of the game in a steelcase, an artbook, a Comic and a big statue of Batman itself. But the eagle-eyed folks at Videogamer noticed the plaque on the Batman statue (click to embiggen):

If you can't quite make out what it says, the plaque reads 'From A Grateful City, In Memory Of The Gotham Knight'. Sounds rather like a euology for poor Bats, doesn't it?

Batman dying makes sense for Arkham Knight as it's the last of the 'Arkham' games - what better way to send them out by offing the protagonist? - and it's not like the Dark Knight hasn't been thought dead before by the people of Gotham (see The Dark Knight Rises plus like a hojillion Batman Comics). Lending credence to the spoilery nature of the image, Amazon even quickly replaced it with one where the plaque simply reads 'Gotham Knight' instead.


And after all, it's not the first time - and definitely not the last - that something got spoilered by a piece of tie-in merchandise. Gaming Bat-fans will have to wait and see if Batman kicks the bucket when the game comes out in June.


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