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Shout Out to 90s Anime Kids: Digimon Adventure and Zatch Bell are Coming Back

What a good time to feel like I'm 10 and watching old tapes of my favorite cartoons.

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
The kid protagonists of Digimon Adventure's 2020 reboot.
Image: Toei Animation

Kids in the 90s had plenty of anime to grab their attention growing up, usually from the likes of Toonami or KidsWB. The last few months have had some heavy doses of nostalgia hit for anime fans, and this weekend saw two more announcements that’s sure to please old school anime and manga fans.

During Saturday’s late night Digimon Convention, the news broke that the 2020 reboot of Toei’s Digimon Adventure would receive an English dub sometime in the near future. When it first released, the reboot was taking some interesting swings at updating the original anime with modern technology and its own history in mind, and the reception overall was fairly mixed. The English dub will be bringing in new voice actors, with only two cast members of the Digidestined currently revealed: Zeno Robinson (The Owl House, My Hero Academia) will voice team gogglehead Tai Kamiya, and Ben Diskin (Beastars, Codename: Kids Next Door) will voice his fiery pal, Agumon. As a fan who grew up with the original series, Robinson made his excitement for the role very known—he’s been retweeting praise for the announcement since Saturday, and released a voice tweet of him freaking out and promising to give his all to the role. (Volume warning for if you listen to the tweet.)

If that weren’t enough of a nostalgia hit for you, it was also revealed on Saturday that Zatch Bell would be coming back in a new manga. Series creator Makoto Raiku broke the news on Saturday, announcing it’ll debut in the pages of Shonen Jump in mid-March. The original 2001 manga was about student Kiyo Takamine making friends with the titular Zatch, a lightning-spewing mystical being called a “Mamodo,” and had an anime adaptation (with a weirdly catchy theme song) on Toonami back in 2003.


Toei Animation was also behind the Zatch Bell anime during its three-season, two film run. Right now, there hasn’t been an adaptation announced for the sequel series (obviously), but given the power of nostalgia, don’t be too surprised if that becomes reality in the near future.


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