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Digital Foci Set To Launch 3 New "Image Moments" Digital Frames

Illustration for article titled Digital Foci Set To Launch 3 New Image Moments Digital Frames

Digital photo frames might not be the most exciting gadgets on the planet, but they're one of those products everyone can get into —even Grandma. So lets get to the newness, shall we? Digital Foci is set to introduce three new frames at this year's CES. The best of the bunch is definitely the Image Moments 15 with a 15" XGA (1024x768) digital LCD, a high contrast ratio of 700:1, an AV input and an interchangeable frame and mat design. It also features 200MB of storage, USB 2.0 connectivity and a memory card reader that can handle all popular cards.


The other two releases are as follows:

•Image Moments 6: Features 5.7" VGA (640x480) digital LCD with high pixel density of 140 PPI, LED backlight and two-tone, mirror-polished chrome finish.

•Image Moments 8: Features 8" SVGA (800x600) digital LCD with high contrast ratio of 500:1, LED backlight, and interchangeable frame & mat design.


All devices include the same 200MB storage, USB connectivity and reader capability mentioned earlier. The Image Moments 6, 8 and 15 should be available this March for $149, $199 and $399, respectively. [Press Release]

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I looked at all the frames sold by the local chains... Best Buy, Circuit City, Walmart, Brookstone, and Staples, and the best one I found was an 8" Pandigital sold at Staples, Circuit City, and Macy's. (Cheapest at Staples.)

The Westinghouse ones Best Buy sells are garbage. Crappy interface. Couldn't even find a volume control.

Insignia's interface is also crap. You have to hold in a button to do one thing and push it quickly to do another, and what is selected and not selected is non-obvious, so I ended up accidentally setting the language to chinese which took 10 minutes or so to correct.

The Kodak ones were junk too, because they only have widescreen models which look stupid for photos.

You have to be real careful with these frames too because a lot of them are low res, and they tend not to tell you what the resolution is if it's not the highest. And they'll call 640x480 "HD" at Brookstone. (Those ones are also cheap plastic junk. Oh did I say cheap? They were like $230.)

Many also don't come with remotes. A remote is a must-have.

Anyway, the Pandigital won out. It was 800x600 in an 8" frame. That's hard to find. It has a remote. It has a nice black frame with a white inlay. And it's got glass on the front, so it doesn't look like a cheap gadget! The interface is also graphical and easy to understand. It will also play videos, and if you put mp3's on the card with your photos it will play them during the slide show, and you can adjust the volume. It also can be hooked up to a PC with USB to appear as a drive.

I loaded it up with music and the best family photos and it was a hit at christmas when I gave it to my dad.

I don't know if the pandigital would see all the images on your CF card or not, but 1000 images seems like a bit much for a slideshow. But since everyting else about it is well designed I bet it can. Oh and I think it plays AVI files. But I didn't try the video playback.

I don't know if there was a random play function for the slideshows. That would be useful. The transitions can be random.

The frame isn't perfect. It got confused about what order to play the music files in (it sorted by the last digits instead of sorting by the whole filename) but it's the best one I found and I thought it worked as well as could be expected for such a new gadget.

The pandigital also comes in larger sizes. The 8" was only $120 after $10 rebate.