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Dinosaur Nerds Are Already Mad At Jurassic World

The trailer for the new movie Jurassic World was released today. It looks fun! But some science-minded folks are already pouncing on the dino-filled movie for inaccuracies.


Brian Switek, author of the book My Beloved Brontosaurus, writes that the film's fictional super-intelligent, genetically-modified dinosaur shouldn't have thumbs.


Something about Brian's tweet makes me think he doesn't believe it's actually a great idea.

Morgan Jackson, a blogger and insect nerd from Canada, is upset about the film showing a crane fly trapped in amber when it's supposed to be a mosquito.

Jackson is absolutely right that scientists are more than happy to advise on movies (often without pay) to make sure they're accurate. I suspect though that the producers of a movie about a dinosaur theme park with genetically modified monsters weren't really concerned with scientific accuracy.


Darren Naish, a zoologist who specializes in dinosaurs in the UK, is most perturbed by the decision not to include feathered dinosaurs.


And Naish is also angry about... well I don't know what exactly. I'm no dino-scientist. But he is! So I trust he's angry for a good reason! Because platynotan hypothesis!


FFS indeed. We feel your nerdly pain. Even if we have no idea what you're talking about in this case.

Gif via the Jurassic World trailer by Andrew Liszewski


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Some of the fact checking of recent sci-fi movies is getting to be over the top. Movies don't have to be 100% realistic to be enjoyable because they're supposed to be fiction.