The Jurassic World Trailer Proves Dinosaurs are Still Freaking Awesome

The teaser for the next installment of the Jurassic Park films snuck out on Sunday, but just a few days later our first look at a full trailer for Jurassic World has arrived, showing that we just didn't learn our lesson about bringing dinosaurs back to life the first three times.

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To make matters worse, it also seems like InGen's scientists have been messing around in the labs some more, creating a yet-to-be-revealed unique dino attraction for the park that once again decides it doesn't want to be kept in a giant zoo. And are those trained velociraptors running alongside Chris Pratt's character? Where can we buy a few of those? Jurassic World hits theaters on June 12 next year, so until then you'll just want to keep this trailer on loop. [Twitter - Frank Marshall]


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Sigh.... yet another variation on a theme originated by Crichton (who also wrote Jurassic Park), but updated. Even the opening of the trailer is reminiscent of the trip to Delos and Westworld...