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Director Creates Music Video with Nothing But 45,000 Nikon D200 DSLR Digital Images

There's patience, and then there's the patience. Like shooting a 4:15 music video using nothing but the 45,000 images you captured with a Nikon D200 DSLR camera.


That's exactly what director Cesar Kuriyama did for the band Fat City Reprise. The video is, shall we say, quirky, with a wacky little plush doll engaging in what appears to be some kind of lover's tryst with a young blond girl in a bed. And a field.

The 45,000 images, 14 months of work and $3,000 it cost to create the video was actually an ingenious workaround for photographers who want to make high-quality videos at low cost, noted Wired in an interview with the director this week. Previously, directors were stuck with recording using the low-quality video features of their DSLR rigs; or with bulky high-end movie cameras that were expensive even when rented for a shoot.


But cameras like the Nikon D200, or comparable rigs from Canon, et al, are changing the way directors think about shooting video today. As Wired notes, the Canon 5D Mark II is fully capable of 1080p video, as for the tidy price of about $2,700. Or, go the Kuriyama route, and shoot the whole damn thing with the actors moving in slow motion, while your director of photography shoots them at four images per second. The result, as you can see, is the video above. [Cesar Kuriyama via Wired]

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Althought it is a cool thought, it makes the song dated because it is released a year later, and for $3k, you can easily make this music video with a video camcorder (provided all the same lighting and all) and provide the same effect, the end result will the same... This is all about the director's greed to want to get some fame than to really do a music video for the band.