Directr: A Video Making App That Calls the Shots

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With the volume of high-quality videos flooding every corner of social media these days, it's easy for the less artistically inclined among us to feel a little left out. And sure, video-editing apps that streamline the process aren't new, but nothing will drop a seamless end product into your digital lap quite as quickly and, more importantly, effortlessly as Directr.


What does it do?

Directr is video-editing software that's already done all the editing for you. After signing in with Facebook, users are asked to select from either a pre-made story board or a blank one. The pre-made boards come with some bizarrely specific titles such as "My Cocktail Is Better Than Yours" or "Hanging Out With Babies!," which then prompt you to record several pre-specified shots. For instance, the first clip in the "Babies" storyboard is supposed to be themed "Mmm, delicious toys." In the end, you get a finalized, pre-curated masterpiece that's probably far more professional looking than anything you could have come up with on your own.


Why do we like it?

Now obviously Directr isn't going to appeal to most with a legitimate passion for video, but for the casual user who wants something a little prettier than the unedited clips they've been putting out, this is essentially perfect. You can quickly record family moments or nights out and share them instantly to Twitter or Facebook, and you still have a nicely packaged product that looks far more time-intensive than the 15 seconds it took to throw together. And unlike a lot of video editing software, it's free, which is something anyone can get behind.

Illustration for article titled Directr: A Video Making App That Calls the Shots


Download this app for:

The Best:

Pre-curated storyboards

The Worst:

Can't trim clips


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Arggh! there goes a...snake a snake!

Somewhat off topic but I started thinking about all the recent apps/websites that have started ommitting the last vowel in a common word to create a name (i.e. flickr, tumblr, directr etc.). Does anyone know who started that naming convention because it's beginning to get old in my opinion. Flickr comes to mind in my opinion as the oldest one I know but I don't know much haha.