If it seems like Hulu's been up for sale for a few years now that's because it totally has been. Seriously, back in August 2011 we tried to figure out which Hulu bidder we should be rooting for. And then in September 2011, Dish Network was rumored to buy it. Well? Nothing happened. Now nearly two years later, DirecTV is supposedly in pole position to snag Hulu.


PandoDaily is reporting that DirecTV is finishing up a deal to buy Hulu, which sources expect to be done by the end of the month. According to PandoDaily's sources, the cost will be just north of a billion (back in 2011, we heard multiple billions were in play for Hulu). But anyway, who really cares about the minutiae of commas and zeros and dollar signs.

The real question is why should we care that DirecTV is (probably) buying Hulu?

It's early, so there's no telling what DirecTV's plans will be, but it's not exactly roses that a cable company (albeit a really good satellite cable company) will take over control the "future of television", is it? To be fair, DirecTV isn't your classic cable company like Time Warner or Comcast though (which means they're not an inept devil), they have long had a great iPad app and teamed up with the PS3 for NFL Sunday Ticket. They saved Friday Night Lights! They seem to care about where television is headed. Hopefully they care about it enough to make Hulu better for everybody and not just DirecTV.

We'll see if the deal happens. You just never know with Hulu. [PandoDaily]

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