Dish Network Is Probably Buying Hulu

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Business Insider is reporting that Dish Network has put in the highest bid for Hulu at $1.9 billion. $1.9 billion! That beat out both Amazon (single tear) and Yahoo (haha!) but is still technically competing with Google's more complicated, provision filled bid.

The execs at Hulu aren't completely happy with Dish Network's offer since they were hoping for $2 billi and up but it isn't like $1.9 billion is chump change. Google, according to Business Insider, technically bid $4 billion but their offer came with a ton of provisions like wanting content for a longer period of time. Supposedly, Google CEO Larry Page even tried to woo the Hollywood execs at the last minute.


Nothing is CERTAIN CERTAIN yet, as the studios are still figuring out who to sell to, but it does seem like Dish has a leg up with their less stipulated bid. Of course, we are dealing with Hollywood and everything could be set up for a twist ending. I don't know?! Amazon, I still have hope! [Business Insider]