Disabled Citizens in Oregon Are Voting With iPads

Physically impaired Oregonians are using iPads to vote in today's election after the new system was introduced to help voters who can't fill out traditional forms. Election workers armed with tablets and portable printers will be stopping in parks, nursing homes and community centers in five of the state's counties to assist voters whose limited mobility prevents them from participating through write-in ballots. With the iPad, voters can adjust reading size, font colors and even use a "sip and puff" device that registers breaths as fingertip touches.

However, the process is not entirely paperless. After voters have selected their candidates, they will receive a print copy to sign and mail or drop in the official ballot box. Oregon has no plan to open the iPad voting system to the general public, but if the system fares well in the January election, officials intend on providing to voters with disabilities statewide. [Mashable via AP]


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