Discover China's novel of false utopia and mass amnesia for yourself

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Chan Koon-chung's novel in which everybody in China forgets a month, The Fat Years: China 2013, will come out in the US and UK next year, Chan's agent tells io9. The truth will be revealed!

A bunch of people have written to us lately, asking when an English-language edition of Shengshi Zhonguo 2013 would be coming out. (Some people have been translating "Shengshi" as "The Gilded Age," but "The Fat Years" seems to be the official translation for now.) We heard from Chan's agent, Marysia Juszczakiewicz with the Peony Literary Agency in Hong Kong, and she said the book will be out in English by next year, as well as Dutch, German, Spanish, Catallan, French, Italian, Danish, Norweigan and Turkish. Not bad for a book the Chinese government would have liked to suppress entirely.


Beijing street art image by DominiqueB on Flickr.