Discover the Truth in the Spoiler-Filled Doctor Who Discussion Thread

Image: BBC
Image: BBC

Tonight’s Doctor Who dropped some pretty ominous warnings on the Doctor, Bill, and Nardole—portents of an imminent invasion, a perplexing ancient text killing its readers, and yes, even an answer to the season-long mystery of just who is inside the mysterious vault. Let us know what you thought of it all in our weekly thread!

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“Extremis” gave us at least one major advancement in the ongoing mystery of this season: to the surprise of very few at this point, Missy was the one hidden in the vault all this time. But even with that revelation, we still have tons of questions about just what the hell she did to deserve a thousand years’ worth of confinement. Why it was meant to cost her her life, and why did the Doctor choose to let her live? We know there are more Master shenanigans on the way later this season with John Simm’s return, so presumably we’ll be finding out more about Missy’s latest predicament at a later date.

Unfortunately, it really didn’t give us much else other than a cliffhanger of an alien invasion for the team to deal with in next week’s episode. The mysterious priests searching for the Veritas will be back, and maybe we’ll get some actual answers next week, but otherwise “Extremis” didn’t really give us much beyond Steven Moffat’s beloved twist reveal (it’s all a simulation, gasp!) and some very fun moments between Bill and Nardole, who make a great team together.

We’ll have more to say in our recap on Monday, but for now, share your thoughts in the comments below.

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I really enjoyed this episode - in fact it’s probably one of my favorite Who episodes since Capaldi was brought on board. The framing device of learning that Missy is in the vault was done extremely. At this point, most people had guessed that it was her in the vault, and I like how the answer was introduced not as this big revelation, but more along the lines of - yes it’s her in the vault, but that’s not the point. Why was she being sentenced to death, why did the Doctor spare her, how long has he been watching her at this point, why did she even agree to being put into the vault - she was obviously fine after being “killed.”

The mystery of the episode itself was handled brilliantly. The idea of being stuck in a simulation isn’t knew - but this was different. No one was actually stuck in a simulation, all they were was a simulation - and people weren’t killing themselves to get out of the simulation, they were killing themselves because they found out they simply weren’t real...that’s pretty dark. I was even beginning to wonder how much of this season was real or happened in the simulation - it appears that it was just this episode (which is a good thing! I would’ve been pissed - I’d still be pissed - if it was revealed that this whole season or what not wasn’t real). The Veritas test was cleverly thought out, as computers indeed are terribly at random number generation (though I would think that a simulation as complex as the one the invaders created could handle random numbers better...but what’re you gonna do).

Hopefully the payoff in the next two episodes won’t disappoint as Moffat is wont to do at times.