Discriminav Racially Discriminating GPS System: Far-Fetched?

Discriminav, the fictional product depicted in this sketch from the Fox Network's Talkshow with Spike Feresten is an over-the-top concept. But wait. Honestly, aren't there some areas of your town you'd rather not drive through in the middle of the night?

Our GPS system proposed a route through the most crime-ridden area of a large American city at 1AM last weekend, and we were wishing our GPS unit were aware of crime statistics. Maybe Discriminav is not that far from a real product after all. Behind comedy lies at least some truth. Not that we're for discrimination or anything like that. Help us out here.


Is this a racist concept, or something that could be truly useful? Take the poll, after the jump.


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Discriminav [Navigadget]

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Even if it isn't racist as it won't say a neigbourhood is dangerous beacause of a certain minority that lives there; it'll still say that the people that live there are potentially dangerous which will be taken as an insult by most people living there.

So... those people can move. Perfect example of ignoring a potentially good idea just to save some tiny amount of people's "feelings."

One thing I can see beinga stumbling block to this type of thing is businesses that fall on taht route. For example, if you had a high volume gas station on a main road in a bad neighborhood, and suddenly GPSs were routing people around you, I woudl think you'd fight it to keep business.