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Dish Network's Commercial-Removing DVR Already Being Sued into the Ground by Networks

Illustration for article titled Dish Networks Commercial-Removing DVR Already Being Sued into the Ground by Networks

We knew Dish Network's new Hopper DVR seemed too good to be true. Or too good to not be sued into oblivion, at least. Now comes news that FOX is suing Dish over the Hopper, and Dish is suing, well, everyone.


A few minutes ago, the New York Times' Brian Stelter confirmed and tweeted the news:


It's unclear if other networks are suing Dish as well, but it seems likely that they'll jump on board. Everyone skipping through commercials by fast forwarding is already a huge problem for networks, but being able to "auto-hop" past them seemed a bridge too far. We're not sure on the details of the lawsuits being brought over the Hopper, but we've contacted Dish for comment and we'll let you know what it says, and what that means for your ability to zoom past commercials automatically. [Twitter]

Update: NBC and CBS are now also suing Dish. No surprise there!

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I don't think this case will stand in court. The networks are charging the companies who place ads a fee, they play the ads. We pay the networks to play their shows and ads. Who cares what we do with the ads. For all they know with an ad hopper or without, I will or will not pay attention to ads, and even if I do, I will or will not choose to succumb to the products and buy them.

Or maybe the networks have a valid argument in saying that to give the consumer the tool to skip over the ads is a crime?