The Best DVR Feature Yet: Dish Network Lets You Automatically Skip All Commercials

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Dish Network's new DVR was already the king of DVRs when it was first announced at CES and it's even better now: there's a new "auto hop" feature that'll allow users to skip all the commercials of a TV show.

That's a lot better than having to fast forward and wait and accidentally play and then rewind and slow motion and then play again when manually trying to skip the commercials. From the sounds of it, Dish Network will essentially let you watch your favorite TV shows commercial free. Of course, this doesn't work for every channel, the all commercial skipping feature works in tandem with Dish Network's Primetime Anywhere (which automatically records primetime HD programs on NBC, ABC, CBS and FOX), so you'll only be able to do the commercial skipping with network TV. Still, getting rid of commercials will always be fine by me. [Dish Network]