Disney appoints a group to determine a new, official Star Wars canon

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The Expanded Universe as we knew it will soon be no more. Disney has created a special committee whose job it will be to figure out what is and isn't part of a complete Star Wars canon — meaning all the EU material created over the years will be judged, and either become official or deemed invalid.

Furthermore, this means at some point all new Star Wars spin-offs will matter, because they will all be official. I don't know how I feel about that.

The Story Group, as its called, includes Leland Chee, who has been Lucasfilm's "Keeper of the Holocron," the in-house database of everything Star Wars. According to The Hollywood Reporter:


We obviously don't know what will be kept and what will be lost, but now we know that instead of separating the official Star Wars universe from the Expanded Universe, we're going to get one consistent (hopefully) universe, where every story told is official, whether it be a movie, a comic, a book, or a videogame. I would guess that Disney would cherry pick a few things from the material that's come before — probably big stuff like the Clone Wars cartoon, maybe some of the Knights of the Old Republic material — but I can't imagine them burdening themselves down with too much old material, as most of it would merely inhibit the new stories they want to tell (and products they want to sell). I also can't imagine they'd really want any of the Star Wars books set after the movies, as those will almost certainly get in their way of their sequels.

But who knows? Do you guys have any votes for what should stay and what should go? What would you most hate to lose?