Disney’s Villain Kids Return in Descendants 3 This Summer

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If you’ve never heard about Descendants, oh do I have a lot to tell you about.

Not to be confused with The Descendants, the 2012 dramedy starring George Clooney, Descendants is a glimpse into Disney crossover madness. Let’s see, where do we begin? Well, it stars Belle and Beast’s son, Ben, prince of the United States of Auradon, a kingdom ruled by Belle and Beast. And Ben, as a matter of moral principle, extends an invitation to live in the kingdom and be redeemed to four children of Disney villains (who also exist in this universe, roll with it): Carlos, the child of Cruella de Vil, Mal, the daughter of Maleficient, Evie, daughter of the Evil Queen from Snow White, and Jay, the son of Jafar.

Naturally, they become good guys, and go to school with a bunch of other children of Disney characters, and have adventures. It’s like Runaways meets Once Upon A Time. It’s absolutely wild. And it’s back! With a new threat emerging from the shadows of the Isle of the Lost, the isolated home of, like, all of Disney’s bad guys, it’s up to the VKs—that’s right, the Villain Kids are called the VKs—to stop it.

Is this stuff good? No. Will it rot your brain? Almost certainly. Should you watch it? I highly recommend it. Madcap Disney crossovers are a real thing of joy in the world. And you deserve joy.


Descendants 3 is coming this summer, presumably on the Disney Channel.