Shining Girls

According to Deadline, Amy Brenneman has joined the cast of Shining Girls as the “larger-than-life single mother” of Elisabeth Moss.


Motherland: Fort Salem

Variety reports Motherland: Fort Salem has been renewed for a third and final season at Freeform.



Team Evil investigates a corpse that refuses to decay in the synopsis for “S is for Silence, premiering August 29.

The team is dispatched to a monastery to investigate the corpse of Father Thomas, whose body has not decayed in the year following his death.

Written by: Robert King & Michelle King Directed by: Robert King

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Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan’s final season returns sometime in January 2022.


The Walking Dead

Eugene, Yumiko, and Princess try to get answers from their captors in a new clip from next week’s episode of The Walking Dead.

What If...?

Finally, a new What If trailer includes footage of Doctor Strange, Thor, and Erik Kilmonger posing with Tony Stark.

Banner art by Jim Cook