Ditch Those CDs for an iPod

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Here's a hit-or-miss idea: Millenium Music wants to give you an iPod in exchange for your CDs. Yup. You can rip all your music, then sell the hard copy in favor of an iPod. Just stop by or mail in your CDs to Millenium and as long as they're not scratched to hell or missing anything for the most part, you can trade up to an iPod. I mean, sure, you paid a lot of money for the CDs in the first place, but get over it and you'll be fine. Here's how it works:

45 CDs = 512 MB iPod Shuffle
65 CDs = 1 GB iPod Shuffle
85 CDs = 2 GB iPod Nano
110 CDs = 4 GB Nano
130 CDs = 30 GB iPod
175 CDs = 60 GB iPod

65 CDs for a 1GB iPod shuffle seems like a lot to me. I mean, say you went to your local CD store and traded in 65 CDs at an average of $3 a CD. That's $195. Enough for a 1GB shuffle and some accessories and music from iTunes. Ultimately it depends on you and your desire to go digital, giving up your CDs in the bargain. So think about it.

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