DIY $9 Macro SLR Lens

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Got a SLR camera and want a macro lens without shelling out the big bucks? It's quite simple if you are flickr user, Rautiocination.

an ungodly abomination, a EF 90-300 mm lens which is male to male filter coupled to a EF-S 18-55 lens ...potential magnification is around 300 / 18 = ~16x (not taking into account non-full frame sensor, for which i am not sure how it would affect the result in the end)! granted at this mag the lens would be well over a foot long and need the subject to almost be almost _in_ the cost for me: $9 adaptor from e-bay (as i already had the lenses)

Bravo. And it looks so damn cool, too. Check out the macro images shot with this "ungodly abomination" here.

Super magnification camera [Make]